Holy Aspirations

Holy Aspirations For Now And As We Grow

While the leadership of KRI have all been in ministry for many years, the truth is that KRI, as an organization, is brand new. We expect to see our scope and effectiveness grow as the organization matures and as gifted men and women are added to our ranks!

For Now

  • Give each other time to seek God while we build relationship, however that may develop. Be with us, grow with us as an “official member” of KRI or not, as God leads
  • Take our God given skills and encourage each other, train each other, pray for each other
  • Acknowledge our weaknesses and stand together through to victory
  • Develop genuine friendships and camaraderie

As We Grow

  • Support our congregations helping each congregation to see beyond our doors through missions, unity and accountability.
  • Real “schools” of ministry
  • Practical help with constitutions, by-laws, accounting and procedures
  • Generous practical and financial support for members in need
  • Provide Needs Assessment (review policies, practices and procedures)